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DNS List – Facebook

DNS List | Facebook

Service provider: Google Google public dns server IP address: => Service provider:Dnsadvantage Dnsadvantage free.

Service provider: Google Google public dns server IP address: => Service provider:Dnsadvantage Dnsadvantage free

What domain name server (DNS) does Facebook use? – Quora

Facebook.net is a domain registered by Facebook, per Whois . No site is delivered from that second-level domain (where net is the …

facebook.com DNS information – who.is – WhoIs

facebook.com DNS information – who.is

facebook.com DNS information. DNS records such SOA, TTL, MX, TXT and more.

Understanding how Facebook disappeared from the Internet

4 okt. 2021 — Externally, we saw the BGP and DNS problems outlined in this post … That meant that, at least, Facebook’s DNS servers were unavailable.

Today at 1651 UTC, we opened an internal incident entitled “Facebook DNS lookup returning SERVFAIL” because we were worried that something was wrong with our DNS resolver But as we were about to post on our public status page we realized something else more serious was going on.

DNS records for facebook.com — NsLookup.io

The Cloudflare DNS server responded with these DNS records. Cloudflare will serve these records for as long as the time to live (TTL) has not expired.

IP addresses used by facebook.com — NsLookup.io

These are the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for facebook.com, according to the authoritative DNS server.

fb.com – check DNS server and mail server health – intoDNS

intoDNS: fb.com – check DNS server and mail server health

4 okt. 2021 — Block Facebook Access · – · – · –

intoDNS: Checking health and configurtion of DNS server and mail server for domainfb.com.

What Is Facebook’s IP Address? – Lifewire

What Is Facebook’s IP Address?

12 okt. 2021 — If I send an email to an employee at facebook.com, my mail server looks up where to send the email … Facebook hosts its own DNS servers.

Facebook has a range of IP addresses. You can block Facebook IP address ranges to stop people on your local network from accessing the social media giant.

DNS for Facebook: Why Finding Yours is Vitally Important

för 2 dagar sedan — We have successfully fetched domain’s NS records from parent name server (m.gtld-servers.net.). Domain NS records: a.ns.facebook.com.

Facebook went down for its longest period in company history. Find out why it happened here and what you can do to avoid similar scenarios.

Report for facebook.com – DNS Inspect

Report for facebook.com

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